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Choose 6 of your Original Characters [Oc's]

I. Pyro 
II. Geshielden
III. Terrinahma
IV. Red
V. Blue
VI. Alvado

1.) 2, 4 and 6 are watching T.V. together. What are they watching? Do they fight for the remote?
They are watching a re-run of Godfather 2, and everyone had different opinions about the movie
Do they fight for the remote? You bet your ass they do! 

Red: "Ohhhh... I love this movie!"
Geshielden: "...I hate you so much right now. GIVE ME THAT REMOTE." *Steals the remote from Red's hand and pauses the movie that he calls "Awful"*
: *Notices that Geshielden has her remote and gasps in terror as he paused it right before her favorite part* "HEEEY! IT WAS GETTING TO THE GOOD PART! GIVE IT BACK!"
Alvado: "I HAVE YET TO HAVE THE REMOTE AT ALL TONIGHT!" *Uses his demonic magic to warp the remote to him* "It's rightfully mine, thank you VERY MUCH."
Red: "I HAD IT FIRST, GODDAMMIT!" *Red tackled Alvado*
 "Oof!" *Geshielden then got the remote and tried to put the Discovery Channel but Red teleports it onto the chandelier*
 "ENOUGH! If no one won't agree on it, then NO ONE gets the remote!"
Geshielden and Alvado: "Fiiiiiiine..." *Obviously ANNOYED*
2.) 1, 3, and 5 are all locked in a closet together! How did they get in there? What do they do to pass the time until they are rescued?

Pyro: *Is lightly claustrophobic, and so, cuddles my big brother Blue to comfort myself.*
: "It's okay, littlest sister."
Pyro: "B-But... WE'RE TRAPPED!"
Blue: *Sigh* "There's hope! We all will get out... eventually."
Terrinahma: *Is glaring at Pyro* "...You had to start a game of Hide-And-Seek with everyone else, and lock us in the closet?!"
Pyro: "Apparently."  
They are basically spending their time arguing over the fact that Pyro had locked them in the closet, only to realize that they couldn't get out. Hope it goes well...
 1, 4 and 6 face the Zombie Apocalypse. How did that happen? How will they survive?

Pyro: *Hides behind a lonesome tree, terrified of the dead but "Alive" humans [a.k.a. Zombies]*
Alvado: *Rams a zombie in the gut with his curvy horns*
Red: *LITERALLY slashing anything in sight*
"Pyro, how the heck did you manage to bring humans back from the dead?! I mean.. They're already dead, but now, it's as if they're alive!!"
Pyro: "I... used the Revivinator Machine in our secret Lab. I collected the Souls of dead humans that were too determined to have shattered upon death. Apparently, the Soul resonates signals to its occupant... So it caused them to become self-aware and be able to somewhat function properly, barely enough to keep them in a Alive state-of-mind." 
Basically, Pyro's gonna attempt to survive by hiding like a coward, while Red and Alvado are putting their lives in danger as they attack the foul beasts they are faced upon.
4.) Time Anomaly! All the characters have turned back into little children! How do they cope with it?

Pyro: *Gasps, holding my somewhat plump cheeks, eyes lighting up in a cute way.* "Oh my gawd, i'm a kwid! I look so adworable!~" Pyro doesn't need to cope with it. She's happy!~
 "I'm... a kid, I think? ...I forgot. When I was this age, I had a flat chest. OH COME ON!" Red was mad about having a flat chest. She doesn't want to cope with it, but tries anyways. 
: *Didn't get turned into a child, all because of the spell that forces him to stay the same age forever.. Until it is broken..* "...Everyone's a kid?" *Nosebleed from excessive cuteness* "ADORABLE!"
Geshielden: "...It's been 19,578 years since I was this small. Oh wait... What was the reason I hated being a kid again? Oh right... Everyone called me a Sadistic maniac. TURN ME BACK BEFORE I BLOODY MURDER YOUR ORRIFICES, YOU SON OF A B--DEVIANT!" Geshielden isn't taking any bullshit, and never will. He is never going to cope with it...
: "I loved being this age. Funnest age of my life, it was. HEY, LET'S GO TO THE POOL!~" Terrinahma is more than happy to be a child again. 
"Oh. My. God. I look handsome even as a kid! YES!" Blue is satisfied with himself. No need to cope with this.

5.) Flash forward to College Days! 1, 3 and 5 walk into their class, but it's full except for 3 seats right next to each other. Do they take the seats? Or do they drop the class?

EASY! They happily accept sitting next to each other, since they all get along so well. THE END!~
6.) All characters go to a random dinner party! How does it go?

Pyro had a great time, mainly nomming on the sweets that the bakers had prepared for the dinner party, which consisted of various pie flavors, pastries and brownies. Geshielden was sitting in a chair, looking downright miserable. He was not even having the slightest hint of fun, and he wanted to leave ASAP.
Terrinahma was doing the Waltz with Blue, and both were having a good time, just dancing to the music that was playing in a certain place of where the Party was held at. Alvado was sampling the foods here, to see if he wanted to eat the certain that he was sampling.
MEANWHILE... Red was RAGE-QUITTING and literally throwing ANYTHING she can get her hands on. She was yelling "WHERE THE HELL IS MY MEATLOAAAAAAAF?!". Alvado and Pyro get mad and rage-quit also, and threw Red to the opposite side of where they were. Red really loves her meatloaf XD

7.) Character 5 wakes up to discover that he/she has turned into the opposite gender! How will he/she react to this? How will 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 react?

Blue: "H-Holy shit.. I'm a girl!" *Blue's cyan blue colored eyes lit up. She poked her chest once.* "Hah, I offically have breasts!" :P
Terrinahma, Red, and Pyro were used to gender-bending and it's concept. They face-palm at Blue's reaction.
Geshielden has already given up and walked off, dragging the curious Alvado with him.
8.) Crossing boundaries! All of your OC's end up in your [The creator's] house! What do you [The creator] do about this?

Me: "Holy shit, I get to actually see my characters in PERSON!" *IMMEDIATE HUGGING INTENSIFIES*

9.) 4 pauses in front of a door and hears a conversation between 5 and 6. What is the conversation about? How does 4 react to it?

It was a not-so-friendly conversation... More like a argument about who likes the other Red more. Red had heard that it was starting to get aggressive and purposefully fakes a yelp of pain from the other side of the door, making them immediately stop the argument and quickly going out the door, looking for who made the yelp, and landed their eyes on Red. She was sitting on the ground, pretending to hold her right foot in pain.
Red: Ooowowww..
Blue and Alvado: "A-Are you okay...?"
Red: "I'm fine, but, I think I injured my foot when I fell.." *Red's specialty at lying is working as a advantage in this case*
: "Can you walk on it?"
Red: "I-I don't know, and I don't want to take a risk and injure it even more...!"
Alvado: "Red's right, y'know. Need help getting up?"
Red: "That.. would be helpful."
Alvado went behind Red and put her on his back. Blue walks off with Alvado, Red's plan having worked.
10.) 3 and 4 play a practical joke on 1. What do they do? Do they succeed?

They had tried to pull down Pyro's pants, in order to expose her panties and be super embarrassed.
Did it succeed? Nope. They got smacked for attempting to do the practical joke and gave up immediately. Get dunked on by Shorty!
Me: "....."
11.) All the characters get trapped in an Underground tunnel! Do they team up to try and escape or try to figure out how to get out on their own?
Everyone teams up to get out of here and uses their teleportation powers to teleport themselves out.
12.) 2,4,5 and 6 end up in the Hospital! What happened to get them in there?!

Geshielden had hit Red purposefully and Red hit him back. They both got pissed with each other, and began to fight. Blue, who was fixing to walk by, saw Geshielden smack his younger sister. He clenched his fists and tackled Geshielden, being to flurry him with scratching. This only made Geshielden even more mad. He beamed Blue into Alvado, who was playing Uno with Myria. He soon gets pissed and basically fights Blue, even though Blue didn't want to. Geshielden, Blue, Red and Alvado were all fighting each other in random patterns and ended with them having to be rushed to the Hospital, each having to get a couple of stitches, but not many. Basically, a huge fight.

13.) 3 and 1 visit 2, 4, 5 and 6 in the Hospital. Why? and how does the visit go?

Pyro and Terrinahma visited the 4, all because they had missed them.
How the visit went?
 Red and Blue were glad to see their youngest sibling, Pyro. They appreciated her time there. Geshielden had fallen asleep after some time with Terrinahma, holding her hand gently, in which she was blushing at Why he would hold her hand. Aww, how romantic...
14.) 4 and 2 become curious and sneak into 5's room when he/she's away. What do they find?

Geshielden and Red looked around, being at Blue's homeroom door. They notice that he's gone. Perfect. Red drags Geshielden in there with her, as she entered his room quietly, so she wouldn't wake anybody. Turns out, it's midnight. All they see in plain sight is a bed with ruffled sheets that were unsymmetrically folded to the side, indicating that he was in bed at one point... A few scattered books revolving around Legends, Spells and Manga on a small desk table... A polished Mahogany desk with a small lamp for lighting, a pen box with a few pens varying in size and color... A ink glass with a quill sticked inside of it... Various furniture common in a typical bedroom... And a Samsung Galaxy S6 kept safely in a container that only can be opened by a specific key.

15.) All OC's are playing Smash Bros Brawl. What characters do they play as?

Pyro - Princess Peach, Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi 
Red - Pikachu, Lucario, Marth
Blue - Meta Knight, Sheik, Luigi
Geshielden - Wolf O'Donnell, Bowser, Ganandorf
Terrinahma - Toon Link, Zelda, Ice Climbers
Alvado - Meta Knight, Fox McCloud, King Dedede
16.) 3 gains supernatural power! What is the power and how do they use it?

New Power: Ability to Shape-shift
How She Uses It
A method of intimidation
Different edges [Advantages]
To help others
17.) It's the Holidays, and everyone has a gift under the tree! What did they get?

Red, Geshielden, Pyro, Blue, Terrinahma and Alvado all walked over to the tree, and looked for their present, dressed up for the Holidays. They find their assigned present and pick it up, and all opened their gift...

Red had gotten a new cape. A more rich red color than the one she wears currently, but, it also gets darker as it travels down to the bottom. It also had a thin golden-colored chain through it to be able to keep it on its wearer. 

Pyro had gotten a new necklace, consisting of the Christmas colors Red, green and white... and some gold.
Golden bells, with mistletoe designing on it, hanging off of a silver, gold and white coloring string. Colors :P

Blue got a new bow-tie. It was cyan blue, his favorite shade of blue. It was symmetrical :O, and matched his outfit well, unlike the red bow-tie he always wore, which threw off his DAMNED COLOR SCHEME.

Alvado had gotten a Christmas hat, just for the Holidays. It was meant for a person with horns, such as Alvado himself. A small mistletoe was tucked in the right side of it... It's leaves and berries being visible, but not the stem that held it together.

Geshielden's present... was the most special one of all. APPARENTLY, Red had secretly hung a Mistletoe above him and Terrinahma. Terrinahma blushed and... kissed Geshielden while he was off-guard. He lightly blushed, blinking in confusion. Everyone else except the pair had said How romantic...
18.) 5 and 1 get hand-cuffed together for an entire 24 hours. What happens? Do they even last that long?

The handcuffs melted from Pyro's high core temperature.. And AHEM, FIRE-ELEMENTAL!
...It didn't even last an hour. 

19.) All your characters would like to take a moment to say their thoughts about this meme.

Pyro: "Bwhahaha, I enjoyed doing this! It took a while, but, it was WORTH IT."
Red: "...I somehow didn't make any sexual jokes, but yet, this was good. Thanks for dragging me into this, Pyro."
Blue: "Au Revoir! I'm going to play some Super Smash Brothers Brawl! But yes, my time in the light was fun while it lasted."
Geshielden: "...I hate you all."
Terrinahma: "Errrr... Okay? But, oh, my opinion? It was well thought out, but you should seriously ask something about embarrassing moments..?"
Alvado: "..." *No opinion this time around.*
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Credit goes to ShadowRune01 for the original OC Meme!
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